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Mentors play a significant role in the success of students and young entrepreneurs who are learning to make good decisions as well as conduct themselves professionally. The experience that mentors bring with them is invaluable to young aspirants who want to venture out on their own. Good mentors can increase the probability of success substantially, in personal development, professional careers and in
entrepreneurial endeavors.
A good mentor network, in any community, supports innovation, catalyzes technology commercialization, strengthens the entrepreneurial ecosystem, and increases local economic activity.

The Problem

Organizations managing a network of mentors, whether local or global, face the daunting task of recruiting mentors, training them, matching mentors with mentees, monitor activity, manage meetings between mentors and mentees, and maintaining their profiles.

The Solution

Bir Mentors Network (BMN) is an easy to use mentor network management software, offering a set of web based tools to mentors and mentees, reducing the administrative overheads for the organization managing the mentor network.

Using BMN will give your mentor network a really good web site, a showcase for your mentors and mentees, an automated system of matching mentors with mentees, and a good dashboard of network activity.

Our goal is to reduce the time you spend on mundane administrative tasks and give you more visibility on how your mentor network is making a difference.

The Mission

Bir Mentors Network (BMN) is a Specific Benefit Corporation (SBC) with a mission to increase the collaboration and exchange of knowledge among organizations and networks that are actively offering mentoring services to entrepreneurs and young professionals. Shareholders’ profits are limited and any surplus, and will be offered as grants, prizes or investments in good ideas around the world, through regular

People and History behind BMN

Bir Mentors Network (BMN) is developed by Bir Network, a company with a mission to help people and companies in bringing their innovative ideas to reality by reducing their need for cash and increasing the probability of success.

Bir Network first developed mentor network management features in their flagship product IdeaGist. IdeaGist is an online community platform for Entrepreneurs and Innovators. It was originally called IdeaGist Mentor Network.

IdeaGist Team quickly realized that a mentor network management tool is needed by more than just entrepreneurial organizations. A tool like this could help universities, colleges, schools, underserved communities, and many more mission focused organizations. Bir Network started Bir Mentor Network as an independent company, licensing its IdeaGist platform for a good cause.