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About BMN

  • What is BMN?

Bir Mentors Network (BMN) is an easy to use mentor network management software, offering a set of web based tools to mentors and mentees, reducing the administrative overheads for the organization managing the mentor network.

  • Is BMN a not-for-profit organization?

No, BMN is a Benefits Corporation which means that it is a mission focused or a socially responsible organization, where commercial success is sought in line with its mission. What it really means to its customers that they will enjoy professional products and services with the confidence that their money is well spent.

  • Who are the people behind BMN?

BMN is initiated by Bir Network, owners of ideagist.com. Bir Network’s goal is to develop an ecosystem of services, supporting entrepreneurship worldwide. Bir Network is an international collaborative, with a mission to help people bring their ideas to reality by reducing their need for cash and increasing their probability for success!. This is why Bir Network has provided its Ideagist.com platform to Bir Mentor Network for free.


  • Why should I join BMN?

Managing your mentor network, managing emails, following-up with network members, matching mentors with mentees, preparing reports, all require a lot of effort. BMN offers a simple to use tool that can be used your mentors, mentees and your network administrators, reducing the time you spend on managing day to day tasks.

  • How BMN subscription will help my organization?

BMN will help you in the following way:

1. It will give your mentor network a simple website where you can easily showcase your mentors and mentees.
2. It will allow your mentors and mentees to update their profiles and self manage their communications with each other.
3. It will automatically match your mentors with mentees, based on their interest and type of help needed by the mentees.
4. It will give you a bird’s eye view of all your network activity.

About Subscription Fee

  • Is BMN really free?

We would like BMN to be a professional organization, offering quality tools and services to our subscribers. However, BMN is a mission focused organization and this must be reflected in our pricing structure. We offer free subscription to mentor networks that are small and cannot pay a subscription fee, while charging a reasonable subscription fee from larger networks.

  • What are the limitations of free subscription?

Free membership is always free for networks with up to 10 members. There are some features that may not get activated for free members but they are not really needed by small networks.

Bigger networks can apply for membership waiver, if they cannot afford to pay our monthly subscription fee. After registration, you can send a message to support at birmn.org with your request to waive your subscription feel. Fee waiver is considered on a case by case basis.

  • What is the monthly fee for Pro or Paid Subscription plan?

Membership fee is assess based on the total members, calculated at $10 per member per month. Paid Membership is available for a minimum of 25 members and in the increments of 25 members. Following is a simple fee schedule:
–  25 Members – $250 per month
–  50 Members – $500 per month + 10% discount
–  75 Members – $750 per month + 12% discount
– 100 Members – $1,000 per month + 15% discount
– >100 Members – Please contact us

Educational Institutions and Non Profit Organizations get a 15% discount on all prices, in addition to the volume discount.

  • Can I pay annually and get a discount?

Yes, you can pay for a an annual membership and avail 10% discount on the base subscription fee.

  • Are there any add-on services?

Yes, there are four add on services which come at an additional cost:

1. Network Startup add-on: We can help you start your mentor network in few days. Our Startup add-on includes mentor network management documents, three hours of web training session for your network manager, five hours of free consulting, setup of your website, not including branding and design work, and free 90 days priority support. Network Startup add-on is available at a one time fee of $5,000.

2. Site Setup and Configuration add-on: For a one time fee of $2,500, we can setup your site with all needed configuration, one hour of online training with our best instructor, two hours of free consulting and 90 days of priority support. We expect that you have your logo, your branding guidelines, and you will  provide all the site content.

3. Custom Design and Branding add-on: You pay $2,000 one time, to have a custom design for your site. If you don’t like our default site design for your network and would like to have a better branding of your site, we can customize it for you and even give you a custom web address. Custom web address will also cost you $50 a month in additional hosting and management cost.

4. Priority Support Add-on: Normal support call response time is 24 hours and it only includes support on error messages and system access issues. For a monthly fee of $100, you can get priority support with four hours response time during North American business hours (9:00am Eastern to 5:00pm Pacific). Priority support also includes support calls about how to use site features by the network admin.