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Bir Mentors Network – free mentors management tool

Build on top of Ideagist.com platform, BMN Mentors Management Tool streamlines the process of managing network membership, searching mentors, advisors, investors, and businesses, and more importantly, tracking progress. Our software is designed for mentor network administrators, reducing their administrative overheads and improving the effectiveness of their mentor network

Network Manager

  • Review, Approve, Reject Members application or set on auto mode.
  • Define Help Request Types, engagement process and associated time commitments.
  • Match Help Requests with Mentors, Advisors, Investors or Business Partners.
  • Define sponsorship packages and showcase sponsors on the main page and other pages.
  • View real-time metrics on Open Help Requests, Closed Help Requests, Hours invested by the mentors and value provided by the support network so far.
  • View active and non-active members.
  • Set membership fee and credit card processing.
  • Configure public view page to show-case Network Members and success stories from Mentees.
  • Define membership rules and non-disclosure agreements, if required.

Mentors, Advisors, Investors and Business Partners

  • Simple Application Process for new members.
  • Integration with LinkedIn for authentication and profile imports.
  • Advance Profile Information based on the role.
  • Fully self-managed profile maintenance.
  • Last login, last profile update, last engagement record to identify active members.
  • Membership approval process.
  • Rating system for Mentors, Advisors and Investors.
  • Search Mentees and Help Requests.
  • Mentor Questionnaire for Mentees.
  • Mentor Preference on industry, technology, geography, etc.
  • Accept or reject Help Requests.
  • Report outcome of a Help Request.


  • Simple Application Process.
  • Ability to collect application fee, one time or subscription.
  • Define goals for Help Requests.
  • Search support network to find mentors, advisors and investors.
  • Contact support network member directly, if allowed, or send request to the administrator for introductions.
  • Accept or Reject mentors or advisors assigned to them.
  • Close a Help Request and record the outcome.
  • Rate Mentors and Advisors after closing Help Request.